Gallatin College Seeks Program Director For The New Photonics and Laser Technology Program

The rapid growth of Montana’s photonics industry continues to create employment opportunities at a wide range of skill levels.  At the request of the MPIA, Gallatin College recently responded to this need by initiating a Photonics and Laser Technology Technician program.  The program will offer an Associate of Applied Science degree and will prepare students for a career as a photonics (laser/electro‐optics) technician. The new Photonics and Laser Technology program, which will start this fall, is currently seeking a Director to lead the program. According to Stephanie Gray, Program Development Manager for Gallatin College, “This is regularly a 9 month position (late August – early May). For this startup phase we will be compensating for additional salary because we will  need person to work some hours this summer.  Additional salary gains can be garnered by having higher level degrees, years in industry and teaching/training experience.” For more information about this job opportunity contact Stephanie directly (Desk: 406.994.5256, Cell: 406.220.7660) or click on the following link:

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