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MPIA’s Quality Alliance is a subgroup devoted to improving the quality of Photonics products developed and built in the Gallatin Valley.

We know excellent Quality Processes lead to stellar industry reputation, growth in sales, reduced costs, and more… Imagine a calm workday. There are no fires to put out. You can focus on design or strategic planning. There are no customer complaints or RMAs or the need to make a quick trip to repair an installation. A well-designed system of processes is the key to achieving this desired state. The members of the Quality Alliance are well-versed in the value consistent high quality brings to their businesses. Spending the time to build a robust Quality Management System (QMS) paves the way for your organization to perform their work effectively, efficiently, and consistently. If you do the work correctly the first time, there are no costs for repair, rework, and replacement allowing more capacity for building product. Spend less time on calls with unhappy customers and more time making sales calls. Building quality product with quality processes is the core of your business success. Implementing a QMS is a key business strategy for achieving your organization’s goals and objectives, fulfilling your mission, and turning your vision into a reality.

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For questions regarding the Library, questions regarding processes, training, or requests for additional resources, please feel free to contact as at the follow email address: quality@mpqa.org

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WIKI: Summary of Roundtable Discussions

What is our Roundtable Discussion?

What is a Quality Management System (QMS)?

Do I need to have a certified QMS?

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