Montana Instruments Corporation announces CryoAdvance™ – the new flagship laboratory work horse for advanced materials and quantum device characterization

Montana Instruments Corporation announces CryoAdvance™ – the new flagship laboratory work horse for advanced materials and quantum device characterization.

BOZEMAN, MT – Montana Instruments Corporation, the pioneer of the first high-precision, fully-automated closed-cycle optical cryostat, announces the release of CryoAdvance – a 3.2k configurable, low-vibration, variable temperature environment to accelerate advances in quantum science.

“Whether you’re an established principal investigator studying low-temperature phenomena in materials and devices or starting up a new lab, the CryoAdvance provides an easily-accessible, tabletop environment with an intuitive touchscreen, and fully-integrated control architecture for quick and quality experimental results,” said CEO Mark Carroll. “It really is designed to be a foundational piece of equipment in almost all quantum laboratories.”

CryoAdvance is a low-vibration, cryogen-free system that allows users to access cryogenic temperatures in a 50mm (3.2K – 350K) or 100mm (3.4K-350K) sample chamber. A step up from the more entry-level CryoCore® (released in February of 2021), CryoAdvance achieves lower temperatures and vibrations, as well as allows for increased customization.

“Competitors may try to offer lower prices or highly-customized solutions, but no one can beat the performance, flexibility, or user-friendliness of CryoAdvance,” says VP of Engineering Josh Doherty.

The CryoAdvance platform includes a touchscreen user interface along with all control electronics, vacuum pumps, and monitoring systems required to automate the temperature control across the entire range. The standard configuration provides five window ports, 45 low-frequency DC lines, and two high-frequency RF coax lines to accommodate a range of optical, RF, and electrical measurements.

“Our customers are changing the world through applications of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum networking, quantum education, and quantum materials research,” notes Carroll. “We understand the cryogenic aspects of their quantum challenges. Building on over ten years of experience and CryoCore®’s launch earlier this year, CryoAdvance™ is our newest product in a growing line of cryogenic tools for quantum pioneers.”

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